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Carpet Cleaning

A carpet is an indispensable part of interior décor that has been in use for centuries. All the more reason that you should take good care of your carpet by cleaning it regularly! This will help you to maintain and then enhance the warmth, beauty and comfort it brings into your home. The benefits of carpet cleaning are wide ranging, but include:

Removes Toxic Substances from Your Carpet

Your carpet is a haven for tiny creatures such as insects and microorganisms. These tiny creatures excrete wastes that are toxic to humans. Dirt and dust on your carpet may also contain toxic substances. Cleaning your carpet regularly would remove these toxic substances and as such, reduces your chances of becoming sick or developing allergies.

Prevent Mold Growth

Mold is an unpleasant fungus that grows on organic material. Mold can easily cause one to begin feeling sick, or for allergies to develop. A carpet provides the perfect home for mold because it can contain moisture and organic matter. Cleaning your carpet clears mold particles from your carpet, and prevents it from returning for some time.

Enhances the Aesthetic Beauty of the Carpet

A dirty carpet is dull and uninviting while a clean carpet is aesthetically pleasing and inviting. Carpet cleaning removes dirt, dust and stains from your carpet, making it look beautiful. It also restores the original colors of your carpet making it look new again. Finally, it breathes new life into your carpet, and this is why regular carpet cleaning contributes to the carpet’s durability.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Generally speaking, people tend to overlook the benefits of using upholstery cleaning whenever they are enhancing the looks of their homes. The following are the common benefits of upholstery cleaning that you need to know:

Benefit 1: Removes Allergens

It provides an opportunity to remove dust from your furniture, thus reducing the chances of the people living in the house developing allergies. In the end, this improves air quality and ensures that you have a healthy house.

Benefit 2: Longer Lasting Upholstery

Dust has jagged edges, which can scratch the upholstery fibres; the microscopic abrasions can cause your fabric to look thin and dull. Regular cleaning will often remove the dust at the same time, making it last for a longer time when compared to other solutions.

Benefit 3: Pleasing to the Eye

Steam cleaning upholstery will always please your eyes since is among the best methods to make your furniture looking amazing. Regular cleaning will often make your furniture stay looking new.

Benefit 4: Fresh Smell

If you want your furniture to smell good, then you need upholstery cleaning. Furniture can often develop an unpleasant smell after time. A professional cleaning of the furniture will get rid of any foul odours, and make your house look and smell amazing.

Benefit 5: Durability of the furniture

If the upholstery is left dusty and dirty, it will age faster and wear out. The easiest method to enhance its durability is to clean the upholstery! This will save you money on the cost of buying new furniture, and keep it looking great for a long period of time.

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Duct Cleaning

A number of factors encourage people to maintain their house. These include keeping it looking good, living in a safe and healthy environment, avoiding expensive repairs and maintenance and conserving your home. Certainly, your family’s safety and health is the most vital of these reasons. The benefits of air duct cleaning make it one of the most vital steps to make a priority in the routine maintenance of your home.

Regularly servicing your HVAC is among the most important routines for home maintenance for the simple reason that if an air conditioner breaks, your home may become uncomfortable to live in, and be costly to replace. Servicing your heating/air conditioning systems is crucial to keep them operating efficiently and should involve dusting the drain pans, cooling coils, fans and heat exchangers. When you clean these components, it can lead to debris, dust, mold or allergens getting inside your air ducts and consequently being released into your home. Thus, it’s essential to clean the air ducts at the same time you are cleaning your heating/cooling systems.

The benefit of air duct cleaning is simply general improvement of indoor air quality. Have you seen tiny particles floating in the air when the sun hits your window? This is a type of air pollution. Definitely, not all pollution is bad but any form of pollution isn’t good. In the airtight homes of today, the air we’ve inside our homes is continually recycled. Ensure that your breathing air is as clean as possible. Air duct cleaning is among the best steps towards achieving the ideal air – a surefire approach to improve the quality of indoor air.

Another major benefit of cleaning your air ducts is minimizing dust in your house. Consider how fast dust returns after dusting your home. You can prolong the frequency needed between dusting your house by having clean ducts. With good cleaning, you can go days if not weeks without any layers of dust landing on your house furniture.

There are many benefits of duct cleaning, so if you want improve the quality of the air you breathe and the overall performance of your HVAC, consider cleaning these ducts often.

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Eco Friendly Products

Environmentally safe products. AAA Miracle is the one of the cleaning companies in Vancouver, British Columbia that uses Green Eco – Friendly products. Breathe clean, live happy, healthy and green. Residential and Commercial cleaning solutions. Carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and more. Contact us at any time to inquire scheduling, or for a no hassle estimate at no charge. Green cleaning solutions in Vancouver for a better world.

Carpet cleaning Vancouver bc

Carpet Cleaning

AAA Miracle carpet cleaning Vancouver, BC is the leader of customer service and the cleaning industry. Our Expert carpet cleaning services are offered in Vancouver, BC and Lower Mainland. We set the standard in customer service. We are voted the highest in customer service and we come highly recommended from our past clients. We offer a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee! We keep cleaning until your 100% satisfied. AAA Miracle is your Carpet Cleaning Specialist in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Air duct cleaning vancouver

Air Duct Cleaning

AAA Miracle offers air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning for the Greater Vancouver, BC region. Breathe clean fresh air and reduce allergy contaniments by having your air ducts cleaned regularly. Air Duct cleaning services are offered to keep you breathing well and keeping you free of allergens in the air. Call to schedule an appointment to have our trained air duct cleaning technicians come out to you immediately. AAA Miracle are the local experts in vent cleaning in the Lower Mainland.

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Quick service, polite, incredibly easy to deal with and did a great job of cleaning our carpets. Amazing work. Diraj G.

The service people have always been prompt, courteous, and accomodating. I highly recommend this service to others. AAA Miracle did a great job on our carpet cleaning

Saj B.

I’ve had several different companies in the lower mainland clean my carpets and AAA Miracle Carpet cleaning has been the best and most reasonably-priced so far. They did a great job.

Dixie D.

Excellent Service. Very knowledgable staff. Came on time. Carpet and Furnace are clean and tidy. Highly recommended.

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Spills and stains occur. Often times we face unusual cases of stains we never expected. Lipstick can somehow make it to our carpet and removing it may be a challenge. There are a few steps you can follow to get rid of a lipstick stain. What you’ll need: Cloth Spot Remover Dry Cleaning Solvent Ammonia Water White Vinegar What you’ll do: Apply some dry cleaning solvent to the cloth and rub the stain. Apply some spot remover then dry as much of it as possible. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until no more of the stain is being removed. Le it sit then apply some water to the stain. Create a mixture of spotter with ammonia and apply to the stain. Blot the area then flush with water. If the stain still exists move to the next step Mix some white vinegar with the wet spotter and apply. Flush with water and let it dry. It’s always important to deal with stains as quickly as possible. What to be mindful of: Don’t use ammonia on silk or wool. If the stain spreads at any point, flush immediately with dry cleaning...