10 of the Best Vancouver Carpet Cleaning Practices You Need to Know

10 of the Best Vancouver Carpet Cleaning Practices You Need to Know

Nothing beats the comfort of clean carpets underneath our feet. Because of the comfort they offer, our kids are tempted to do all sorts of things, including sleeping, rolling and jumping on a carpet. Because of all this, it is likely they will wear and get dirty. You can vacuum clean a carpet occasionally to remove the dust and pet hair. While vacuum cleaning is useful in picking up the dirt we drop on the carpet, cleaning the carpet using water and heat is very effective. Vancouver carpet cleaning experts can remove tough carpet stains and reduce the effect of wear and tear on your carpet. Unlike normal cleaning of carpet using chemical detergents that might damage the carpet, our eco friendly carpet cleaners in Vancouver will help you restore the clean appearance of your carpet without damaging its texture. This will in turn extend the lifespan of your carpet to several years.


Carpets are like a sponge which absorbs all the dirt and soil deep in the fiber until you remove them. For this reason, it is important you hire a professional carpet cleaner in Vancouver to remove pet hair, food particles and molds that are hidden inside your carpet. A thorough cleaning by West Vancouver carpet cleaning services will make sure your carpet is healthy and that there is no risk of contracting asthma or other illnessses because of contaminated air. Contaminated air can result when a carpet is attacked by molds which releases toxic spores into the air. Mold forms when moisture is left in the carpet over time. However, when you hire a professional carpet cleaner, they will suction out the moisture, which helps the carpet dry faster.


Unlike other carpet cleaning practices which use an abrasive brush to remove the dirt, our skilled team of carpet cleaning experts in Vancouver use hot water to remove the dirt. The hot water acts by loosening the dirt from the carpet. We will make sure to clean all the spots that you could not wash with just your normal brush. As a homeowner, you might think that renting cleaning equipment can do a good job on your carpet. However, this equipment available in local store are not as effective as the ones used by our team. Also, if you are not properly trained to use this equipment, you can damage your carpet. Our cleaning experts have up to date knowledge and best cleaning practices that is suitable for the industry.


Hiring professional carpet cleaning experts can save you time on cleaning the carpet on your own. Also, because of the carpet cleaning method they use, your carpet will be clean and healthy unlike when you just vacuum clean. Per Environmental Protection Agency, when a carpet is dirty, it can retain pet hair, dirt, cockroach allergens, dust and particle pollution. These toxic pollutants can be released by walking or vacuum cleaning the carpet, which can contaminate the surrounding air inside your home. When the polluted air is breathed in, it can result in serious medical conditions like asthma. However, Vancouver carpet cleaning services can remove these pollutants by using a special detergent and deep vacuum cleaning.


Please keep on reading below to find out more about the best carpet cleaning practices:


Carpet cleaning methods

For the best cleaning results, it is important you understand the various methods used by carpet cleaning companies. Our experts use a variety of cleaning methods when washing a dirty carpet. The degree of dirt and condition of your carpet can influence the carpet cleaning method that they use. Here are some of the common carpet cleaning methods:


Steam cleaning for carpets

This method uses pressurized hot water to loosen stubborn dirt from the carpet. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction involves injection of hot water into the carpet and a carpet cleaning machine is used to draw the dirt and moisture. In case of carpets that are heavily soiled, detergent is used.


Bonnet cleaning

This method is ideal for cleaning the surface of the carpet and not beneath. It involves using a motorized cleaning machine with a rotating bonnet to clean the carpet, with a cleaning solution that absorbs dirt. This method does not involve deep cleaning therefore there is a high chance the carpet will get dirty again. However, it is ideal for hostels which don’t require deep cleaning because of many people.


Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing was the original carpet cleaning method used by companies. It involves spreading a foamy chemical on the carpet and using a circular motorized brush to clean the carpet. Carpet shampooing is most effective for heavily soiled carpets.


Carpet dry cleaning

This method does not require drying time and it is the most preferred by carpet cleaning companies. Carpet dry cleaning involves spreading a cleaning compound on the carpet and using a motorized brush to dissolve the soil on the carpet. A vacuum cleaner is then used to draw the dirt from the carpet. This method is ideal for all types of carpets.


Removes foul odor

No one ones to be in a home with a carpet that has a bad smell. Bad odor can come as a result of food spills, pet stains and dirt. Unlike normal detergents which only eliminate the odor for a short while, carpet cleaning services completely eliminates the odor.


Health benefits

The deep cleaning that comes with using carpet cleaning experts helps to eliminate bacteria, molds and fungus that are trapped inside the carpet fabric. This will keep you and your family healthy.


Extends the lifespan of your carpet

Carpet cleaning services understands that there is more to just cleaning the carpet. That is why they use soft water and detergents that are chemical free, and avoid hard washing with abrasives to extend the carpet lifespan.


It saves you time

Trying to clean your carpet can take a lot of your time not forgetting you have other core duties to attend. Sometimes we clean the carpet only to realize we did not do a good job. To avoid this, it is ideal you go for carpet cleaning services who will save you time.


Eliminate tough stains

If you have tried to clean tough stains from your carpet without much luck, a professional Vancouver carpet cleaning expert can help you remove the stain. Instead of using strong abrasive brushing that can damage your carpet, leave it to the experts and rest at ease knowing your carpet will be clean and stain free.


Forget the hassle of moving your furniture, looking for carpet cleaning products or renting carpet cleaners or equipment. A professional carpet cleaner will do these to ensure your carpet is clean. Having a clean carpet improves the aesthetic value of your home. A clean carpet feels comfortable to walk bare feet. Hiring a professional like Vancouver carpet cleaning services is worth the money you spend.

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