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AAA Miracle offers chimney cleaning service throughout Metro Vancouver. Call for a free estimate or schedule an appointment today (604) 435-3530.

Chimneys serve to vent combustion by-products from fireplaces or appliances. Since this goes on behind the scene, problems that arise within your chimney often go undetected until they reach crisis proportion.

Chimney brickwork or lining may become damaged from chimney fires, lightning strikes, or just the natural settling of your home. Clay tiles, used to line some chimneys, may break or crack over time allowing heat and fumes to transfer or escape into the home. Over years of use, bricks or linings of chimneys may also be damaged from condensation.

Condensation of wood smoke can cause creosote and chimney fires. If your chimney expels exhaust from gas appliances, condensation of this will leave caustic acids which will eat bricks and mortar.

Proper cleaning, maintenance, and usage are necessary to keep your chimney functioning as it should. As well, you can have peace of mind knowing your family is safe and warm. So if you are in need of a good chimney cleaning service in Vancouver, look no further than AAA Miracle.

Price: $129 + GST!

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Why choose AAA Miracle?

  • Professional technicians trained on the latest carpet cleaning equipment to make sure you’re 100% satisfied
  • Convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule – including Saturdays
  • Meticulous service and extra attention paid to trouble spots
  • State-of-the-art equipment for more powerful dirt extraction and quicker drying
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