How to choose the right furnace

How to choose the right furnace

A furnace is a long term investment for our homes or work place. When purchasing a furnace there’s three main things that needs to be taken into consideration. Make sure you choose the right furnace for your home to get the best heating results.

The three most important aspects when choosing a furnace are:

  1. Furnace Size
  2. Furnace efficiency
  3. Price

1. Furnace Size:

Naturally, the larger a furnace is the more energy it’s able to produce. Choosing a furnace with the right size allows it to work at a steady rate and not fluctuate in heat production which will minimize the fuel consumption.

The best way to know the right furnace size for your home is to consult a HVAC contractor so he or she can do a load calculation. The HVAC contractor will determine your location’s thermal needs depending on the area, number and placement of windows and the insulation in the rooms.

In the case of replacing an old furnace, It’s not always safe to get a furnace with the same size as your old one and insist on doing a load calculation.

2. Furnace Efficiency:

More efficient furnaces are better for the environment as they use less fuel then less efficient ones. Often times, efficient furnaces are a cheaper investment in the long run taking into consideration the monthly fuel usage with the initial investment. Efficient furnaces are normally more expensive to buy but cost less on a monthly basis.

We recommend the most efficient furnace you can find if money isn’t an issue.

3. Furnace Price:

Remember to do your research. Ask around and go online to find the best deal on a furnace. Be mindful of the importance of efficiency and furnace life span as well as cost.