Portable Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

Portable Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

Why Use A Portable for Apartment Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in The West End

Apartment Carpet Cleaners Vancouver

In many apartments in the Vancouver’s west end a truck mount carpet cleaning system will just not work. This is why AAA Miracle uses the very best in portable carpet cleaning equipment.

This is why our carpet cleaners use carpet cleaning equipment that delivers close to what a truck mount system can do. With our portable carpet cleaning equipment with 12 gallon portable extraction and with a extra large 27 gallon clean water holding tank with a removable “Extractor Pod” (Pump Out Device). This enables the operator to clean more than twice as long as a standard extractor without stopping to refill. The AAA Miracles carpet cleaners using unique modular design allows the Extractor Pod to be easily removed from the lower 27 gallon holding tank for easy loading and unloading from vehicle. What this means to you is that our carpet cleaners are fresh to put all the effort into the proper cleaning procedures that deliver the cleanest carpets for your downtown West End Vancouver apartment.