Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount

Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount

What is a truck mount Carpet Cleaner?

Truck mount carpet cleaning machines are just units that get high pressure water to your rotary tool or wand at a higher heat and a greater pounds per square inch. More heat and more pressure means better power for deep into cleaning for your carpets. When cleaning your extra dirty carpets, it is essential to have a high PSI truck mount carpet cleaning machine rather than a portable extraction unit.

AAA Miracle uses the very best in truck mount carpet cleaners with the very best suction to get the most extraction of dirt and grime. Not only does it appear cleaner with a truck mount system like AAA Miracle uses but your carpet fibbers will last longer because less particles will be left to harm the carpet fabric.

This is all very important for carpet cleaning but when the professional carpet cleaners use the 1 2 3 method of cleaning you have the best chance to get all the stains out.

Vancouver Carpet Cleaning Professionals

1. AAA Miracle uses a pre spray formula that gets agitated into the fabric causing a chemical reaction to dirt and grease.
2. AAA Miracle uses the best in spot chemicals for stains that might seem to dirty for your average carpet cleaners out there.
3. AAA Miracle uses years of experience and old fashioned Elbow grease and years of experience and care go into every square inch of your carpet to get the best results possible.

Call AAA Miracle Carpet Cleaning Vancouver for your old carpets to feel and look new.